Bistery Craft – Doll Tea Cakes

Hi Everyone!

I hope ya’ll are having a nice weekend!

Let’s get started with today’s craft:

You will need …….

~ A ruler

~ butter knife

~ Two different colors of baking clay

~ A piece of plain white or colored paper (do not use newspapers or note book paper, because the ink will stain the clay)


My baking clay came in the package separated into four bars. If your’s did also, cut one bar with your butter knife (be sure to ask a parent or guardian if you can use a butter knife).

If not, cut a bar of clay at a 3/4 inch.


* I’m sorry for blurriness*


Then cut it in half.

You now have the cake part, but it needs a little decoration.

With your other colored clay, make two little balls that are about 1/4 inch round, and place on top of cakes.

Then follow baking directions on your clay package, and Walah! You have some little doll tea cakes that would be perfect for your bakery or bistro, a tea party, or Valentine’s day!


Saige loves hers!

“Bon Appetite!” 😀




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