My Dixie Dolls!

Here is where you can meet my dolls, and find out a little about each one:



Age: 12

Birthday: April 22

Favorite color(s): Greens and blues.

Full name: Molly Anne Copeland

Favorite Animal(s): Dogs and birds.

Hobbies: Photography, bird watching, swimming, basketball, softball, and playing with friends!

Personalities: Molly is a Tomboy, Mischief Maker, and also a Nature and Animal Lover.  She hates fancy clothes, but will wear a dress as long as it’s pretty plain. 🙂

When I got her: I bought her in summer of 2010, and she was my first American Girl doll!



Age: 11, though she is very mature-more than most.

Birthday: October 8

Favorite color(s): purple, pink, aqua, and turquoise

Full Name: Saige Selena Copeland

Favorite animal(s): Horses and ponies!

Hobbies: Drawing, painting, horseback riding, dressage, and fashion designing

Personalities: Saige is very mature, and also a Peace Maker. She is very creative, artistic, and always nice and caring to everyone.

When I got her: From my Parents and Grandparents for Christmas of 2013.



Age: 12

Birthday: July 17

Favorite color(s): Purple and pink.

Full name: Addison May Copeland

Hobbies: School, crafts, sewing, reading, and daydreaming!

Personalities: School Whiz, creative, kind, Seamstress, Bookworm, and imaginative!

When I got her: My Grandma gave her to me in November of 2014.



Age: 11

Birthday: February 25

Favorite color(s): red, blue, and yellow.

Full name: Josefina Lillian Copeland

Hobbies: Volleyball, gymnastics, ballet, softball, hiking, making movies, and writing.

Personalities: Funny, sporty, and sweet.

When I got her: For Christmas from my parents in 2014.



Age: 13

Birthday: May 15

Favorite color(s): Light blue, teal, dark blue, peach.

Full name: Caroline Elaine Copeland

Hobbies: Singing, acting, reading, writing and fan-girling.

Personalities: Out-going, kind, generous, a total fan-girl, dreamer and leader.

When I got her: May 2015, when it was first announced that American Girl was retiring her.


I hope you enjoyed meeting my dolls!:D













39 thoughts on “My Dixie Dolls!

  1. Saige looks so cute and adventurous in that one photo! Josefina looks so pretty, and I love her hair! Addison is so cute… her tight curls! Molly is such a classic. I’ve always wanted her. So many cute dolls! And I love your mini Elizabeth, even though she isn’t on here! Hopefully there will be another doll on this list soon! 😉


  2. Ya, I’ve been looking at Grace’s collection lately, and I think the thing I want most (besides Grace of course, lol), with something at a realistic price, would be Grace’s City outfit! It’s so cute. I’ve heard some bad things about the pants, though, oh well. What will you probably get from Grace’s collection?


    1. Hey Keira!
      I don’t think I’ll get much from her collection besides Grace. Her collection is really cute, though I will be trying to buy outfits that I’ll need for photo story’s if I ever do some , and things like that! I hope you can get the City Outfit and Grace!:D


  3. Hi, I just found your blog and really enjoyed it so far! The photos of your girls are very nice, did you take them yourself? I just started an AG blog about 3 weeks ago. My mom has been helping me with the photography, im still learning! I will definetly be following you, if you want to see my blog it is
    p.s. Saige is my favorite!! -Kara-

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Kara!
      I’m so glad that you’re enjoying my posts!
      Thank you, and yes I did. 🙂
      That’s awesome!:D I’ll be sure to check it out! Thanks so much for following!:) 🙂
      P.S. She’s a beautiful doll! I love her!:D

      Liked by 1 person

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