CTDP #1 Participant Captions

Hello Guys…..and yes….I’m late…very late.  It was one of those weeks where on the day I was supposed to post it, I got distracted with something else(coming soon on MFL)I was doing online and it got too late.  The rest of the week was soccer, going to see Kung Fu Panda 3 with my dad, etc.  But anyways, I’m sorry about that guys and here are the captions!:D

(media was being weird and not letting me show the picture:()


Molly: Hey!  I’m going skating, Addison, bye!

Addison: Oh, I am, too!  You want to go skating together?

Molly: Sure!

Addison: Just make sure you change your clothes.  It’s cold out there.

*Molly looks down at her jeans and t-shirt*

Molly: Well, I don’t have a lot of warm clothes…

Addison: Just wear the warmest clothes you have!  They’ll be good enough.

Molly: Okay, I’ll go change.  I’ll meet you out there!


*Addison skates around the frozen lake by their house when she sees Molly riding by on her skateboard*

Addison: MOLLY!

*Molly stops and comes to her, still skating*

Molly: What?

Addison: I thought you said you were going ice skating?

Molly: I meant skate boarding!

Addison: Oh, goodness.  What are you wearing?

*Molly glances at her pajamas as she skates closer to the pond*

Molly: My warmest clothes!

Addison: Wait, Molly, you can’t skateboard on ice!  Stop!!


Christian Homeschooler

Addison: Hey Molly, it’s getting late. Let’s go ice skating before it gets too dark. I’m already ready, so come outside as fast as you can.

Molly: Okay!


Addison: Molly! What are you doing out here in your pajamas?!

Molly: Well, you told me to come out here as fast as possible. I was already in bed, soooo…..

Addison: I didn’t mean for you to come out here in your pajamas-with nothing on your feet at that!

Molly: Oh, so you want me to go inside and put on some shoes, and THEN come back outside?

Addison: Argh!


Molly: Hey, Addison! You said you wanted to go skateboarding?

Addison: *sighs* I said “ice skating.”

Molly: *shakes head in rejection* Noooo, I’m sure you said skateboarding. *shivers* Why is it so cold?

Addison: Molly, it’s the middle of January and you’re outside on a frozen lake in your pajamas.

Molly: *whines* It’s cold! It only makes sense that you wear comfortable pajamas when it’s cold!

Addison: Butterfly pajamas…?

Molly: Well, of course. Why not?

Cat Lover 02

Addison: Hurry up, Molly, and come ice skate with me!

Molly:Alright, alright. I’m coming.

(Steps outside)

Addison: Um, Molly.

Molly: Yes, dear sister?

Addison: You do realize you’re wearing your pj’s to go ice skating.

Molly: That’s because we aren’t going ice skating. Who in the world came up with such a ridiculous idea?

Addison: That’s what we were going to do in the first place!

Molly: No, I’m pretty sure you said iceskateboarding.

Addison: I said ice-SKATING. As in, with ICE-SKATES.

Molly: Hmmm… I was so sure. But I have a question.

Addison: What is it?

Molly: I was wondering why you weren’t wearing pj’s.

Addison: Am I supposed to?

Molly: You said, “Hurry up, Molly, and come iceskateboard with me in our pj’s.”

Addison: What? Do you need your ears checked or something? I-

Molly: I was just fiddling with you. (Laughs and runs back into the house)

Addison: Molly! Come back here! I’ll get you for this!


Vote for your favorite caption below!  I’ll give you guys about a week. 🙂












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