Introducing…”Caption That Doll Picture”!


Hello Everyone!  One of the things I decided on doing this year on HODD, is Caption That Doll Picture.  So, the picture for this month is…….


Oh my!  We have a “slippery” situation on our hands!  It looks as if Molly may have the wrong idea of what ice “skating” and winter attire is!

Ready, set, caption!  What do you think Molly and Addison are thinking or saying?

I will post all the captions on February 9th so that you guys can vote on your favorite.  Have fun!:D




9 thoughts on “Introducing…”Caption That Doll Picture”!

  1. Molly: Hey! I’m going skating, Addison, bye!
    Addison: Oh, I am, too! You want go skating together?
    Molly: Sure!
    Addison: Just make sure you change your clothes. It’s cold out there.
    *Molly looks down at her jeans and t-shirt*
    Molly: Well, I don’t have a lot of warm clothes…
    Addison: Just wear the warmest clothes you have! They’ll be good enough.
    Molly: Okay, I’ll go change. I’ll meet you there!
    *Addison skates around on the frozen lake by their house when she sees Molly riding by on her skateboard*
    Addison: MOLLY!
    *Molly stops and comes to her, still skating*
    Molly: What?
    Addison: I thought you said you were going ice skating?
    Molly: I meant skate boarding!
    Addison: Oh, gosh. What are you wearing?
    *Molly glances at her pajamas as she skates closer to the pond*
    Molly: My warmest clothes!
    Addison: Wait, Molly, you can’t skate board on ice! Stop!!

    I hope you liked it!;D

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  2. Addison: Hey Molly, it’s getting late. Let’s go ice skating before it gets too dark. I’m already ready, so come outside as fast as you can.
    Molly: Okay!
    Addison: Molly! What are you doing out here in your pajamas?!
    Molly: Well, you told me to come out here as fast as possible. I was already in bed, soooo…..
    Addison: I didn’t mean for you to come out here in your pajamas-with nothing on your feet at that!
    Molly: Oh, so you want me to go inside and put on some shoes, and THEN come back outside?
    Addison: Argh!

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  3. Ha ha, this is hilarious! I think I’ll have a go at it. 😉 _________________________________________________

    Molly: Hey, Addison! You said you wanted to go skateboarding?
    Addison: *sighs* I said “iceskating.”
    Molly: *shakes head in rejection* Noooo, I’m sure you said skateboarding. *shivers* Why is it so cold?
    Addison: Molly, it’s the middle of January and you’re outside on a frozen lake in your pajamas.
    Molly: *whines* It’s cold! It only makes sense that you wear comfortable pajamas when it’s cold!
    Addison: Butterfly pajamas…?
    Molly: Well, of course. Why not?

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  4. Addison: Hurry up, Molly and come ice skate with me!
    Molly: Alright, alright. I’m coming
    (Steps outside)
    Addison: Um, Molly.
    Molly: Yes, dear sister?
    Addison: You do realize you’re wearing your pj’s to go ice skating.
    Molly: That’s because we aren’t going ice skating. Who in the world came up with such a ridiculous idea?
    Addison: That’s what we were going to do in the first place!
    Molly: No, I’m pretty sure you said iceskateboarding.
    Addison: I said ice-SKATING. As in, with ICE-SKATES.
    Molly: Hm… I was so sure. But I have a question.
    Addison: What is it?
    Molly: I was wondering why you weren’t wearing pj’s.
    Addison: Am I supposed to?
    Molly: You said, ‘Hurry up, Molly and come iceskateboard with me in our pj’s.
    Addison: What? Do you need your ears checked or something? I-
    Molly: I was just fiddling with you. (Laughs and runs back into the house)
    Addison: Molly! Come back here! I’ll get you for this!

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