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LTTT Leaks And Photo Story

Hello Everyone!:D Here it is!  Just like I said it would! —————————————————————————————————————————- It was a relaxed afternoon, and almost all the dolls were in their newly assigned classroom. Molly was sorting through books, and Caroline was going through the school supplies. As Josefina was looking at books on the shelf, Addison was sorting the school bags when… Continue reading LTTT Leaks And Photo Story

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Yay! I’m back! And an Exciting Announcement

Yay!!!!!!  I’m back!!!!  I missed you all SO much!  I had a really great time on my trip.  I went to the beach, the mountains, and I had the chance to go Zip Lining!  IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!! 😀 This past trip should be my only break this summer, except for next week because I’m going to camp. Well,… Continue reading Yay! I’m back! And an Exciting Announcement

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Caption That Doll Picture – You Vote!

Hi Guys! So I have the three captions for this picture that I enjoyed the most! My favorites were……. (1) Keira Molly: Ugh……..a……..a little higher……… *groans* Saige: WHY are we doing this? Molly: I’m trying out for cheerleading!  And aren’t we obviously doing a triangle? Sage: Yeah……um, um……….. sure. (2) Nicki Saige: Molly! How long… Continue reading Caption That Doll Picture – You Vote!

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The Bird Nest~A Photo Story

I did this photo story this afternoon.  I hope you enjoy! ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— “Hi Saige!  Whatcha doin?” asked Molly. “Oh!  Hey Molly!  I’m looking for insects in these flower pots.”  replied Saige. “Sounds fun!  Can I help you look?” asked Molly. “Sure!”  (*busily looking for insects*) “Saige!!!!” Molly exclaimed. “What is it?” Saige asked. “Look!” “A bird’s nest!  Oh… Continue reading The Bird Nest~A Photo Story