Caroline’s New World~A Photo Story

Hello Everyone!  I took the pictures for this little photo story a couple of weeks ago.  I hope you all enjoy it! 🙂


(Told in Caroline’s POV)

I had just come home from school and was about to start my homework when one of my sisters, Molly, burst into my bedroom.


“Carol!  You’re famous!”  She exclaimed.


“Hello Molly!  What are you talking about?”  I asked with a smile.


“Your book!  The one that you entered in the school’s statewide book competition!  All the kids in school are talking about how you made first place.  Can I read it?  PLEASE?!?!!” She gushed and pleaded.


I laughed at my younger sister’s excitement.  “Well, I guess so.  I just got it back from the judges today.”


“Here.” I handed the notebook to my eager sister.


“See ya, Sis!  I just bet you’re going to be an authoress someday!”  She called as she left.


As I watched her go, I whispered aloud to myself wistfully.  “I hope so Molly.  I really do…..”.


At that moment I felt a window of my heart opening to a new world…the world of writing…..



P.S.  Speaking of writing, I’ve deleted Girl Journalism and started My Forgotten Library.  I had decided that I really wanted a blog where I could focus on just writing.  Around seven of you have already followed, so thank you guys SO much for that!  Y’all are amazing!!:D I would really appreciate it if the rest of you guys would drop by. 🙂  Thanks!






30 thoughts on “Caroline’s New World~A Photo Story

  1. I keep meaning to comment on one of your blog posts … and I keep forgetting! Life can be crazy and if my email-deleting-habit takes control of me and I delete the email I get saying the “Lainey made a new post” … I completely forget! 🙂 Sounds like an interesting photo-story!

    BTW, I’m absolutely in love with the brown-haired doll (Molly!)

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  2. Oh, this photostory is so cute!:) I bet Caroline will be a great writer someday!;) I am so happy you started a new writing blog. I was really sad when I saw that you deleted your old one! I’m definitely going to check it out!:)

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