Series Openings

Craft Series!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Guys!

I hope ya’ll are having a great weekend so far!

So, ya’ll probably know what this post is about from the title.  So ….. I give you the …….


First let me clarify, “Bistery”. It’s something I came up with when you cross Bistro, and Bakery!

And yes! If you guys are getting the idea that these are Grace-based crafts, then you are right!

I will be giving some tips on how you can decorate your doll bistro or bakery, show you how to make three doll-sized baked goods, and more!

Are ya’ll excited?:) So start rolling your dough …… um ….. buying your baking clay 🙂 , and start saving boxes, paper and toilet rolls! – They will be needed. 😉

“See” you in the next post!



26 thoughts on “Craft Series!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. You are so sweet! I do hope to be an author someday! My grandpa thinks I should start writing children’s books and have them published. So maybe that would get me started on the path of writing books for older kids (like our age)! 😀


  1. Can’t wait to see the crafts! Oh, and bistery is such a cute (and creative!) word!!
    Bistro + bakery = bistery… it’s sooooo perfect!! 🙂


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