2015 Re-Cap


Well, I hadn’t planned on doing a re-cap, but here it is!!:D My blog’s 1st Anniversary was on the 27th of last month, but I just decided to go ahead and combine it with New Years.

So on December 27th, 2014, I started this blog with my post hello!.

On December 28th, I introduced you all to my four dolls at that time(I did not have Caroline then), with my post My Dolls.


On January 9th, I posted Addison’s First Photo Shoot.


Then on January 24th, I told you guys about a Craft Series!!!!!! that I was starting.  However, after the first craft, I  discontinued the series.


On February 9th, I received my first award called The New Blogger Award!

On March 8th, I posted my first 18″ doll photo story, called The Bird Nest.  Poor Saige……:)


On March 14th, I held my first giveaway called the 20 Followers Giveaway.


On April 5th, I show’d you guys How To Make Doll Robin Eggs.


On May 12th, I introduced you all to Caroline Elaine McIntire in That Something Is……..  So pretty!!:D


On August 15th, I posted the First Episode Of Locket To The Throne!


And lastly, and sadly, I posted why I’m No Longer An “American Girl Fan” on October 28th.  That one post became so popular, that if you search “Is American Girl supporting gay marriage?” on google, my post is the fourth in the search results.  Thanks to all the ones who shared my post and contacted American Girl with complaints.


I didn’t post very often in 2015, but I know I will be much more active this year!  Thanks to you all for never giving up on me!:)








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