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Summer Is Coming!:D


So!  Soon it will be June, and my dolls-well, at least Saige that is, are ready for summer!  Let’s take a look;


Ready to go to the pool!:D


Climbing up the GIANT, HUMAN-SIZED, TOP OF THE WORLD LADDER!!!!………Ok……not really…….;D



Over-looking the pool………


About to make the dive……….


………SPLASH!!!!!:D (If you ever decide to pose your doll like this BE VERY, VERY careful!)


Saige can’t wait to have some more summer fun!:)

~Lainey and Saige~

P.S. I was planning on posting a look at my Truly Me catalogue, but my pictures were not very good.  I’m also sorry for the bad quality photos in this post-I need a new camera. 🙂


18 thoughts on “Summer Is Coming!:D

  1. Cute pictures, Lainey! In pics 5 and 6 it really does look like she’s diving into that pool! (And then in pic 4 it’s like she’s thinking about / getting ready to dive in.) So cute!!

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