New Blog Layout?


So!  I’ve been thinking……. what would you guys think about a new layout?  Here’s the thing; I’ve had about six headers on this blog so far, and now I’ll have to change it again because I need to add Caroline. The header just doesn’t give the full look that I want-I think I need a new layout.  I want my blog to look more professional.  What do you guys think about this?

I know that this was super duper short, but hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to give you guys a look at the new catalogue with the Truly Me release in it.  I just got it today!;D



21 thoughts on “New Blog Layout?

  1. Go for the Kelly or Adelle theme. Take a picture of your whole doll family and set it as tour header image. You could also set your header image as only one of your dolls, but make sure the readers know you have more than one doll. I hope this helped

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  2. Hmm……I guess since you have 5 dolls, you could put them in a row and take a family photo with them.
    I’d say make it slim (150 px tall at the most)
    That ould be the header
    Also, keep the colors simple. They already are, but I mean put them in clothes in coordinating colors and whatnot


  3. My advice for a new blog layout, is make a header with a picture that you can easily replicate with putting more dolls(like if/when you get more). Or, you could make your header picture with just a couple dolls, so you wouldn’t have to change it if/when you get more dolls. Also, if you change your theme, I recommend getting one with a smaller header. 🙂

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