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Another Saige And Molly Photo Story


“Hi, Molly!  Whatcha got there?” asked Saige.


“Oh hey, Saige!  Lainey found these when she was cleaning out her closet and she said we can have them!” replied Molly excitedly.

“What is it?” asked Saige.



“TOYS!!!” exclaimed Molly.


“Wow!  Now we have two dolphins, a bunny, AND a Sleeping Beauty toddler doll!” said Saige happily.

“Yep!” Molly replied.


“Well I better go show these to Addison and Josefina!  Why are you all dressed up?” asked Molly.

“Oh!  Well, I have a piano recital today.”  answered Saige.


“I would wish you luck, though you don’t need it!” replied Molly.

“Thanks, Molly.”  said Saige.


“Well I’ve got to go!  Bye, Molly!”

“Bye, Saige!”


I hope you all liked it!  I’m sorry it has took me so long to finally post it.  Have a nice night!:)



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