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The Bird Nest~A Photo Story

I did this photo story this afternoon.  I hope you enjoy!



“Hi Saige!  Whatcha doin?” asked Molly.


“Oh!  Hey Molly!  I’m looking for insects in these flower pots.”  replied Saige.


“Sounds fun!  Can I help you look?” asked Molly.


“Sure!”  (*busily looking for insects*)


“Saige!!!!” Molly exclaimed.

“What is it?” Saige asked.



“A bird’s nest!  Oh wow!  Maybe it belonged to a Robin!” exclaimed Saige.

“Maybe!  I’ve never found a bird’s nest before!” replied Molly.

“Me neither!  I think we should put it back in a tree though for other birds.” said Saige.

“You’re right.”


“I see a tree over there that looks perfect!” Saige said excitedly.


“Ok!  Let’s go!” Molly eagerly responded.


“This tree looks great, Saige!  Can you give me a boost so I can get on your shoulders?” asked Molly.

“Sure.” replied Saige.


* please excuse the awkwardness 😀 *

“Hhmmp!  Molly?  I can’t stand here much longer!” said Saige

“I’ve almost got it!  There!” replied Molly


Now other birds can use this nest for hatching their eggs!


I hope you all liked it!  I may put up another photo story of Saige and Molly tomorrow after church.

“See ya!”



36 thoughts on “The Bird Nest~A Photo Story

      1. Oh my gosh – she shut down her blog? When? I’ve been inactive for the past few weeks (moving into a house, remodeling it, construction and people working everywhere….ugh, don’t ask) and when I tried to go to her blog, it said it didn’t exist anymore! 😥


  1. This was so cute! I’m glad the dollies did the right thing and put it in a tree… birdies will have a home! And oh, that awkward photo made me laugh!
    -Keira 😉


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