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Updates And An Icy Photo Shoot

Hi Everyone!

Ok………updates…….boring, but I have to get these out .   I know how much you guys are going to be disappointed to hear this,  but I’m going to have to cancel my craft series.   It’s just been too much stress on me-I hope ya’ll understand.  I’ll probably get around to posting the crafts eventually.  So don’t worry-I just won’t be doing them as a series.

Also, if Morgan and Hayley (I think I may have heard of some others doing this also) don’t object, I will be starting to do Verses Of The Week.   I would really like to do this.   I think it will help me to get in more Bible study, and maybe help some of the rest of you, too.

In Addison’s last photo shoot, she was wearing an AG outfit I got for Christmas., and I forgot to tell what I thought of the outfit!  I have found nothing wrong with this outfit besides the headband, which is a little difficult to keep on my dolls’s head.  However, this still works pretty well.   I would definitely recommend that outfit! 🙂 And no, Addison was not wearing the headband during the  photo shoot.

And here’s the reason why the photo shoot is called An Icy Photo Shoot-WE HAD SNOW!!!!!!!! Well…….ice and snow mix in these photos.  🙂  Yesterday, we got 2 and a half inches of snow!  Unfortunately, I was at my friend’s house all day so I wasn’t able to take any more pictures.   Well, anyways, here are the photos:  Enjoy!:D

DSCN6005        DSCN5998 DSCN5997 DSCN5996 DSCN5995 DSCN5994 DSCN5993 DSCN5992 DSCN5990 DSCN5989 DSCN5988 DSCN5987 DSCN5986 DSCN5985 DSCN5984 DSCN5983 DSCN5982 DSCN5980 DSCN5979 DSCN5971 DSCN5972 DSCN5973 DSCN5974 DSCN5970  DSCN5968


8 thoughts on “Updates And An Icy Photo Shoot

  1. Don’t worry about it, Lainey! Just post what you enjoy and feel comfortable with. 🙂

    I reeeeeeeeally like these pictures of Josefina! She looks darling in that outfit!

    My mom and I are almost jealous of your snow! LoL! Okay, no we’re not jealous.. we’re just wishing we’d get some snow where we live, too. I loooooove the snow!!


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