The New Blogger Award


Hi Everyone!

I was nominated for the New Blogger Award by Emma Rose from Whiskers-and-Wildflowers, and also by Keira from The Dollhouse!  Thank you!

Here are the rules:

~ Post the award on your blog.

~ Answer the questions you were given.

~ Nominate 4 to 7 blogs (they must have under 100 posts, and their blog has to have been running for less than a year), and leave a comment on their blog telling them they have been nominated!

~ Then come up with 4 questions to ask your nominees!:)

I’ll start with Emma Rose‘s questions first:

How many American Girl dolls do you have?

I have Molly, Saige, Addison, and Josefina!  I hope to add Grace before the year is up!

Who was the first doll you added to your collection?

Molly.  I bought her in 2010 at the Dallas AG store!

What made you decide to start your blog?

I’ve loved American Girl for a while, and after I saw Liz’s site ( Americangirlfan.com ), I knew I wanted to have my own!  So here I am! 😀

Who is your favorite doll and why?  ( Any doll. Not just AG. )

Well …. I really like Grace, Ivy ( retired ), Nellie ( retired ), and the MAG with short red hair, freckles, and green eyes.

Thanks, Emma Rose!:D  Now onto Keira‘s questions:

What doll do you want next?

Probably Grace. 😀

MAG, GOTY, or BeForever?

GOTY! I always love their collections. 😀

Surf or Sand?

Sand, because I don’t know how to surf. 🙂

Bungalow on the beach, or cabin in the mountains?

Cabin in the mountains (my mom would probably guess that I would pick this one-she loves the mountains! ;D )!

Sunset or sunrise?


Cola or Pepsi?

Pepsi! – well, when I can get it. (my family doesn’t really care for Pepsi besides me 😉 )

Do you like these questions?

YES! 😀

When’s the last time you used ketchup?

LOL!  Thursday night. 😀

Thanks Keira!

——————————————————————————————————————— Here are my nominees:

Sarah A. from A.G.Dollfun

L.Rose from thefellowshipofthedolls

Clara from Clarascraftcorner

Anonymous A from HappydayswithanonymousA


Congrats Guys! Here are my questions for the four of you:

1) If you could only get one more thing from American Girl, what would you buy?

2) If you inherited a million dollars, what would you do with it?

3) Who would you love to meet someday?

4) What do you want your job to be when you grow up?

Thanks Guys! “See” ya! 🙂



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